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Creshevo – Trnika – Muratitsa

The tour begins at the primary school in Cresevo (ca. 350m. ), and it continues towards the village Viniche (ca.500m) on an earth path with a length of 1.5km. From Viniche trail goes into the woods and continues about 4km up, until our next highpoint, the weekend settlement Trnika. (ca. 1100m). From Trnika the path leads to the peak Muratica (ca.1317m) for about 2km.

There is also an option to hike to the historic Matejche Monastery (ca.1004m), 5km walking distance from Trnika.
Within the tour, it is very recommendable to enjoy the sunset from Trnika, as well as the mighty view of Skopje.
We recommend the possibility of having a lunch/ tea/ coffee/ campfire/ buffet in Trnika, indoor or outdoor.

Cresevo-Trnika-Muratica 13,96 km (05:17:12)

Start time: 03/18/2020 16:27

Finish time: 03/18/2020 21:44

Average speed Pace: 2,64 km/h 22:43 min/km

Max. speed: 8,15 km/h

Max. pace: 07:21 min/km

Avg. Speed Mov. Moving time: 3,97 km/h 03:31:03

Elevation gain: 988 m

Maximum altitude: 1305 m

Elevation loss: -988 m

Minimum altitude: 331 m

Ascent time Descent time: 01:52:56 03:23:10

Ascent speed: 525,14 m/h

Descent speed: -291,91 m/h