Our Team/What do we offer

Emilija Miladinova Avramcheva 
DMWC President

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Ira Cholanchevska 
DMWC PR Strategist

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Nadica Janeva
Medical doctor

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Zaneta Gelevska Veljanovska
Painter and Art Teacher

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Dr.Biljana Acevska
Fundraising and Projects Coordinator

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“Dobredojde” Macedonia Welcome Centre (DMWC) is a non-governmental non-profit organization promoting Macedonian culture   including cultural diplomacy in Macedonia and abroad.  At the same time, we organize events aimed at representing and promoting international cultures in the Republic of Macedonia and designed to encourage intercultural dialogue.

Founded on 20.10. 2009, DMWC operates from its premises on Alzirska Street in Taftalidze.-Skopje and focuses on presenting cultural, historical and tourist information of interest to the international community and highlighting DMWC events and activities.

DMWC  is a corner where intercultural dialog happens. We promote cultural heritage, history and tradition to the international community working and living in the Republic of  Macedonia while they promote their cultural heritage to Macedonian people. DMWC is committed to charitable activities, especially for the benefit of vulnerable children and women, and provides volunteering opportunities for members of the international community.

We run culture promotion through our web site www.dmwc.org.mk

DMWC is financed by international donors, projects, charity fundraising, and its services include:

·         “Discover Macedonia” tailor-made tours in rural Macedoniawith an emphasis on establishing links between expats and local communities, organized upon requests from groups and institutions

·         Creative workshops for adults and children, including children with special needs;

·         Diplomatic trips “Discover Macedonia”

·         Organizing cultural exhibition

·         Organizing cultural fairs

·         Organizing charity bazaars

·         Organizing DMWC coffee morning in promoting different culture

·         Cultural management workshops;