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DMWC Lifestyle lounge interview with Biljana Angelova

What does the concept LIFESTYLE mean to you?

I have talked to my friends and it turns out that for them, being an ambassador’s spouse means waking up in the morning, drinking coffee, then going for a manicure, lunch, a hairdresser, and finally a cocktail party. And if this does not happen every day, then it is at least the routine during most days of the week. In fact, that is what most people think. However, being the spouse of an ambassador is a great responsibility for me. This is my mission, which I follow with my heart.

Do you aspire to involve your life passions into your daily routine and do you believe that this would further an authentic lifestyle?

Of course! When I say ‘mission’, I mean literally that. That is why I am focused entirely on social, charitable, and humanitarian causes.
My husband and I were honored to be invited to be honorary chair
persons of the 2020 Diplomatic Charity Bazaar. This event was held for the first time during quarantine and, even so, it was successful. Thanks to “Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Center”, it was turned into the first diplomatic digital concert – Listen with your heart”/“Слушни ме со срце”. We chose our beneficiaries to be the children with cancer in the Children’s Clinic in Skopje and the Parents’ House, where their parents can be accommodated for free. The Bulgarian Embassy in the Republic of North Macedonia supports the NGO In My World”/“Во Моjoт Свет” and so far we have built centers for children with autism in Skopje and Ohrid. We are now building one in Tetovo and are about to build a center for elderly people, diagnosed with autism, in Skopje. However, this is not enough for me. I believe it is important to create a working mechanism that will benefit many people, even after I leave the Republic of North Macedonia.

A present from the children with DCP
Kupi so srtse


Where do you look for inspiration and motivation to achieve your lifestyle goals?

In fact, I find inspiration in literally everything. Probably, that is why I created so many different causes:“From children to children”/“Од деца за деца – children with or without special needs write, draw, make cards and gifts or organize bazaars and exhibitions to help other children, mainly with special needs;
Buy with a heart”/“Купи со срце
– a Facebook page where anyone can buy a handmade product, done by a person with special needs or a family member who has a child with a disability. The idea came to me from the Bulgarian Facebook page “Buy a gift from the mother of a child with disabilities”/“Купи подарък от майка на дете с увреждания”, the administrators of which I contacted and received permission to share the good in the Republic of North Macedonia; “Knock on the hood, knock three times”/“Чукни во хауба, чукни три пати – to save the little kittens, which in the cold days hide under the hood of the car. It occurred to me from the song “Knock on wood, knock three times”, by Vlatko Stefanovski. I called him, and he gladly gave me permission to use this text in the name of the noble cause. With just 3 knocks on the hood, before we start the car engine, we can save a kitten. We can save a life;
Happy Wednesday”/“Срекна среда
– a cause I am about to start. It is true that you can help every day, but then you can always say – I will help tomorrow! When you have chosen one day per week when you will help, you just do it. Do it for yourself. Feel happy that you did something good. Last but not least, I would like to send a message to all the women and girls who experience domestic violence: You are a person! The shame is not on the victim but on the attacker!

Charity Bazaar

What others don’t know about you?

I love to make jokes! But people seem to know that already!  I love chilies! Lots of chilies! I do not like to be restricted, so I like to “go” outside the box. I relax by riding and driving. Often at events and interviews, you can see me wearing T-shirts with special messages. And beside them, I like to wear men’s shirts. I love handmade jewelry because each one is unique. I have a lot of cookbooks and I always think that the next one hides the chef in me, but so far no one has appeared.  I am a former athlete and besides speed, I also have a very accurate shot. At home, we take care of three animals – a hunting dog and two cats, adopted from the streets of Skopje. My daughter and I also love to leave food for the birds and squirrels in the yard.

In conclusion – What do you consider to be a healthy and gratifying lifestyle and what is your advice for creating and maintaining it?

A smile from the heart and faith in the good – this is my recipe for a healthy lifestyle. As I like to say: Even if you are eaten, you still have two options.  But the most important thing for me is if through my actions I manage to inspire other people. Do you remember the movie Pay It Forward? Everyone can share the good, as long as they want to. Because together we are stronger.