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The British Children’s Academy (BCA)

Founded in 2005, The British Children’s Academy (BCA) is a family run nursery located close to the centre of Skopje, for children aged 6 months to 6 years.

The BCA is Macedonia’s only fully licensed English Language Nursery, teaching a curriculum based upon the UK Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS).

BCA Children learn to speak English fluently in a natural fun environment in a way which matches the natural inclination of young minds to communicate with one another, mixing formal and informal learning, in a way that feels natural and fun.  The critical years for language development are our focus and we support children from a huge range of linguistic backgrounds including, Russian, German, Chinese, Ukrainian, French, Dutch, South African, Indian, Polish, Turkish, British and many others over the years.

Our full-service child care options include:

pick-up and drop off

You can opt to use the door-to-door collection services to allow you extra time in your day, free from the worry of hurriedly negotiating your way through increasingly busy Skopje traffic.

The School vehicle is fully equipped with a range of appropriate car seats to cater for all ages and the skills of our drivers exemplary.  A great option for Ex Pats and others new to the phenomenon of driving in Macedonia, which can be a huge benefit to all busy parents.

nappies, wipes and creams

We use Diapers brand nappies and keep a continuous stock of all necessary sizes. The wipes are from Diapers as well and we use a basic moisturising cream as standard.

formula, food & drinks

We have an award winning British chef with over 25 years of cooking experience to add even more variety to the nursery menu while preserving our commitment to best practice in providing balanced nutrition to our children.  Among his other achievements, Darren Brooks won 1st place for nursery cook in north London for providing delicious, balanced and healthy children’s food.  Give your children the best, you won’t be the only parent sometimes wishing that you could also come to lunch at the nursery!

As well as using the standard food pyramid as a guide, we ensure that none of the food provided contains any added salt or sugar and is MSG free. For children that require formula, we will stock whichever brand you use at home provided we can source it in Macedonia.

regular curricular activities

Ad hoc off site visits are often organised to help the children learn and provide a more varied and interesting environment.  Trips to the Zoo, Fire Station, Museums, Theatre and other beneficial activities are all included, as are dancing, Pilates and gymnastics, all within the standard curriculum of the BCA.

Class sizes:
At nursery age, close attention to the needs of individual children is vital and the BCA is proud of the trust we receive from parents and children alike.  We often receive feedback about how the children have grown emotionally, gained confidence and become vastly more social after being with us for even a short period of time.  This could not be achieved without giving the teachers the ability to form an in depth understanding of all the children in our care, their needs, requirements and the idiosyncrasies which make them all so special.

6 moths – walking                                                                          1 teacher to 1 child

Walking – 2 years                                                                          1 teacher to 3 children

2 years – 3 years                                                                            1 teacher to 6 children

Extra Curricular Activities:
The nursery provides regular opportunities to participate in, off site activities. Classes will typically be held during nursery hours. Currently the children are engaged in tennis lessons and swimming on a regular basis.  Care and transportation is included. However, a small donation (typically around 250 MKD per lesson) may be required for some optional extracurricular activities. All extracurricular activities are entirely voluntary and at the discretion of parents.  Signed permission is always sought of parents prior to participation in offsite activities.

The BCA working hours are
Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

Additional Services
Services for additional learning and development, out-of-hours care, offsite child care to cover company events such as open days, rally’s or company barbecues are available on a paid as required basis.

For further information please visit our website at or email us on

Our contact info is as follows:

British Children’s Academy
Vasil Gjorgov 36 – Skopje
Tel: +389 (0) 23 077555
Mobile : +389 (0) 71 393 766