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Documentary film – Cash and Marry and discussion with the author, Mr. Georgiev, Thursday 27th October at 19:00 at MWC

Dear members and friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to watch the documentary film “Cash and Marry” on Thursday, 27th October at 19:00 in the “Dobredojde” Macedonia Welcome Centre premises. For directions, please see the attached map. The duration of the film is 76 minutes, after which we will have an opportunity to discuss it with the director and the main actor, Mr. Atanas Georgiev.

Please, send us a reply to this e-mail ( ASAP, latest by Wednesday ) if you intend to attend, because the Centre has a limited capacity and we want to make sure everyone has a seat.

Cash & Marry tells the story of young immigrants–‘Yugos’–doing anything they can to pursue their dream in the European Union. The media and analysts convince us that young people “flee” to Western European countries in search of better life, more money and opportunities. Cash & Marry explores this notion without seeking to prove or disprove it. Instead, the film, presents the immigrants, shows their background, asking the questions about their own motivation and ideas while at the same time presenting the procedure and life-changes they go through.

The author, Atanas Georgiev, is one of the main characters in the movie, who reflects the Balkan man closed behind bars, looking for a way to break down the wall between self and the world, between the Balkans and Europe, Balkans and the world. The answer how to get to his freedom lies in the European passport. And the passport comes with the European wife. The path to his wife is opened by his friend Marko from Sarajevo, who knows very well Vienna and all places where a wife can be found. An odyssey through Vienna’s immigrant netherworld, this real-life Green Card is the hilarious and touching insight into what it takes to jump the barriers of Fortress Europe.

More information, including the trailer, photo gallery, synopsis and technical information, can be found on its website:

Looking forward to seeing you,
Ida Manton
Emilija Miladinova Avramcheva
“Dobredojde” Macedonia Welcome Centre

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