The locality is located in the South-Eastern part of R.N. Macedonia, on the hill that rises south of the city of Strumica, with an average altitude of 450 m. The plateau extends 210 m in the East-West direction and about 80 m in the North-South direction. From the North-West and South-East sides of the hill, steep slopes descend to the streams Koritniche and St. Elijah. In the past, the plateau had a proper elongated oval shape. Over the last several centuries, two or three landslides, that have cut the plateau, have been created on the East, North, and North-West sides. The last major devastations were probably due to the earthquake that struck the Valandovo region in 1931.

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Art & Literature

LANDSCAPES – TRANSPARENCY art project with Angelina Popovska

The real excitement and joy remained in the small sequences of sensations revealed when playing with materials. The longer such “images” lingered in the memory (albeit as flashing signals), the more the impulse for joy was secreted by their stimulus. Some call this art, but for artists, it’s a challenge!

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DMWC Lifestyle lounge interview with Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska – Zani

We are individuals created with a unique identity. Lifestyle is an expression of our work, behavior, satisfaction, social life, of what we constantly do, of the way we perceive ourselves and experience ourselves. It refers to our sense of happiness and peace, and the accumulated details of our daily lives.

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