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Promotion of Women’s Creativity and Innovation in the Market in Kumanovo

📌 🇸🇮 Visit of the Slovenian Embassy Skopje/Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia to “Pero Nakov” Secondary School – Kumanovo.📌 In the presence of the President of the Council of the Municipality of Kumanovo, Mrs.Ivana Gjorgjievska, a workshop was held to restore the old crafts – weaving.

🇲🇰 The mentor Damjan Ristovski of National Costumes selflessly passed on his craft from weaving to weaving to the professors and students.

📌 🇸🇮 With the great support and dedication of the Embassy of Slovenia, the project “Promotion of Women’s Creativity and Innovation in the Market” is being implemented by the Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Center.

Ученици од кумановското средно училиште „Перо Наков“ се обучуваат за ткаење – mia.mk