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DMWC Diplomatic Trip to Upper Matka and Visit to Matka Farm, 20th April 2024

πŸ—“ On April 20, 2024, Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Centre embarked on a diplomatic journey to explore the rustic charm of Upper Matka (Gorna Matka) in collaboration with Matka Farm. It proved to be a sunlit day brimming with immersion in nature, savoring delightful homemade delicacies, and extending support to local family businesses.

πŸ“Œ Accompanied by esteemed guests, Ambassador Krzysztof Grzelczyk and his spouse, Jolanta Grzelczyk, along with representatives from the Polish Embassy, the EU Delegation, the Japanese Embassy, and the Hungarian Embassy, we embarked on a walking/hiking tour through the picturesque landscapes of Upper Matka. πŸŒ„ Our journey led us to a serene pause at Sv. Trojca, the remains of a church from the Byzantine period, where savored the tranquil ambiance and beheld the unforgettable view of the Matka canyon.

🍷🍴 Wrapping up our tour, we concluded with a warm experience, enjoying a feast at Matka Farm. Guests had an opportunity to buy local products and support Macedonian local businesses

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