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Platform for Women’s Family Entrepreneurship, with the support of the Republic of Slovenia in Skopje

The “Platform for Female Family Entrepreneurship” project is underway, spearheaded by the Dobredojde Macedonian Welcome Centre with the generous support of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Skopje.

The project encompasses comprehensive training in manual skills related to handicrafts, focusing on sewing, knitting, and embroidery. It targets thirty girls and women, including individuals from vulnerable backgrounds and various ethnicities from rural and urban areas across N. Macedonia – Skopje, Strumica, and Struga. In addition to honing their craft, participants will undergo training in entrepreneurial skills. This training is vital as it sets the stage for establishing their brands, self-employment, and securing livelihoods within the country. Their success will serve as an inspiration for other young people to follow their example.

Lastly, the project extends to “Embroidery, knitting, and sewing to Your Business” at the European House in Strumica. Here, girls, women, and mothers, along with their daughters, eagerly engage in knitting to establish their family businesses. These endeavors are guided by @mama.love.crochet in collaboration with fashion designer Irina Tosheva, bringing smiles and a positive atmosphere to the learning process.

What is the opinion about the project of the participants in Strumica?

The project’s reach extends to the “With Sewing to Your Own Business” program hosted at SKALA School – Jolev and Art. Ten dedicated girls and women from Skopje will seize the opportunity to master the art of tailoring and sewing through training and refining their manual dexterity in handicrafts. Simultaneously, they will acquire invaluable entrepreneurial skills to empower them to embark on business ventures. Leading the way in this endeavor is Katerina Blazhevska-Tosheva, a seasoned fashion and textile product designer with the support of fashion designer Irina Tosheva.

What is the opinion about the project of the participants in Skopje?


Under “With Sewing to Your Business,” this initiative unfolds at the “Niko Nestor” High School in Struga. Ten highly motivated and creative high school students are enhancing their textile skills in handicrafts and sewing. They are guided by experienced professors Slavica Negrieska and Shpres Kjura in collaboration with the esteemed fashion designer Irina Tosheva. It is worth noting that the project also strives for inclusivity by welcoming students with special needs.

How did the preparations for the designs and creations, crafted by the participants for the bazaar and fashion show in Skopje, unfold?

DMWC Bazaar “In the rhythm of Macedonian traditional crafts and creations” 


Fashion show “In the Rhythm of Macedonian Traditional Crafts and creations” 


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