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DMWC Project “From Organic and Slow Food to Green Planet”, supported by EU Delegation

The project’s overall goal was to increase awareness of environmental protection through rational and healthy production of organic and “slow” food as part of the EU Green deal. The creation of a favorable food environment that makes it easier to choose healthy and sustainable diets will benefit consumers’ health and quality of life, and reduce health-related costs for society.

Objectives that are more specific were as follows:

•           To Increase visibility of organic and “slow” food producers in the local food market and recognition of their efforts for environmentally responsible food production

•           To Increase awareness that food production is one of the key drivers of climate change and environmental degradation

•           To support transformation of the food industry and the retail sector by increasing the availability of healthy, sustainable food production options

The project has included activities for promotion of organic food and “slow” producers in cooperation with the local NGO “Slow Food Vodno”.

The main plan activities were the following:

•           Exhibition event where producers have presented their own production (organic and “slow” food selling fair titled “From organic and slow food to green planet”)

•           Organizing a debate on the importance of organic food production in which important experts in the field of food production will take part

Opening Keynote Session
H.E. Mr. David Geer, Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of North Macedonia Link 
H.E. Mr. Milan Predan Link 
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