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DMWC Charity mission – Christmas Diplomatic Charity Concert 2021

DMWC Christmas Diplomatic Charity Concert “Listen with your heart / Слушни ме со своето срце” , 2021  at Marriott Hotel 

were organize with program bellow :

Gonca Bogoromova Krapovski soprano, Zsuzsanna Gyurina Dux flute, Anna Kondratenko violin, Elena Atanasovska Ivanovska piano

 Paskal Krapovski cello

The beneficiary of the event was the NGO “House of Happiness” Skopje and the social enterprise “Smarter Gaia from Skopje, Project – Сончогледи под сонцето”

We are happy to announce that the Christmas Diplomatic Charity Concert organized by Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Centre  had a beautiful reach and during this event 20. 480,00 denars were collected in the charity box.

These donations were directed towards improving and increasing the visibility of the Sonckogled sign for inclusive conciseness for the people with visible and invisible disabilities.

With the money that was collated, were printed canvas shopping bags and a mask with the logo and with the slogan “Understand, Accept, love” which is the slogan and the message that we want to send to everybody. With the sale of this product, we will improve the visibility of this sign and the awareness for the inclusive conciseness, and also the money from every product, a lanyard, and a card will be provided for donation for the people with disability.

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