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DMWC Life style lounge with Dr. Dita Starova Qerimi, the Director of the National Gallery

  1. What does the concept of Lifestyle mean to you?

The concept of Lifestyle to me is above all keeping a kind of openness about life. Being an open-minded person who is curious and wants to learn knew things all the time. Also, Lifestyle means sharing and learning from one another. We must be open if we want to succeed and move forward in life. My job in particular has made this a much easier and pleasant experience.

  1. Do you aspire to involve your life passions into your daily routine?

My day starts out as a mother and a wife and then I move on to the undertaking of a totally different responsibility, which is that of being the head of one of the most important art institutions in the country – The National Gallery. As my job is based in the field of art itself, it sets a favourable scene for me to develop myself and my visions regarding figurative art.

  1. What do you consider to be healthy and gratifying lifestyle and what is your advice in creating and sustaining it?

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am a great optimist. It is not always easy to deal with the many challenges facing an institution and environment that is continuously, however I have come to know that my female intuition can serve me quite a lot. I try to find collaborators who share the same positive way of thinking. Surrounding yourself with positive people can do miracles. The support that I get from the people that are close to me is of utmost important. Caring about your mental and emotional health is also a crucial thing. Of course, I cannot eliminate all of my daily stress, but I try to reduce the its level as much as I can and try to face obstacles in a positive manner.

  1. Where do you look for motivation and inspiration?

Everywhere…In nature, a book, a magazine, an exhibition, a theatre play, concert, a poster on the street, a specific texture or landscape…conversations with people and hanging out with my family, colleagues from the National Gallery. All these seem to refresh me and bring me new ideas as to where I am heading, personally and professionally.

  1. Living in North Macedonia is exciting and distinct…

Social life here is pretty dynamic. The enormous history of the living and communicating of the many different cultures that live here gives this city a special character, that of many treasures coming together under one big umbrella. It is a place where I have grown to understand tolerance, joy of true love and friendship and a spirit to use art as a form of cure and consolation. I am truly thankful for living here and having this opportunity to influence this society for the better as much as I can.

DMWC guided tour, at Daut Pasha Amam, 4th of October, 2021