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SKOPJE LIGHT ART DISTRICT 2021 – Follow the sunlight

Marking the 30 years of independence, the fourth edition of Skopje Light Art District will commence on the 8th of September. For four days until the 11th of September, the audience will be able to enjoy the 15 locations where numerous artworks and performances will splendor the city. Focusing creative energies to connect the history and marvels of the brutalist architecture of the Post Office building with the wonders of the Skopje City Park. Reaching from history, deep into nature, among trees, meadows, and lakes. Skopje City Park is not just the green, tranquil oasis and invaluable lung of our hectic city, but a very unique place to enjoy, to take care of, and to be proud of. Searching inspiration in its beauty and treasures Skopje Light Art District aims to highlight this exclusivity by creating an extraordinary experience where nature, technology, science, and art meet.

Following the example of similar festivals across Europe, Skopje Light Art District brings a unique experience to the citizens of Skopje filled with lights and colors. This festival is quite a new cultural and social event. Foreign and domestic artists, through the art of light, give the audience a thrilling and exciting experience. For four days, light art installations, interactive and music performance, and video mapping are blended in the city’s architecture and landscape, making this Skopje’s most visited festival. for four days, the city center becomes a large outdoor museum.

Skopje Light Art District remains as a symbolic bridge, a vivid link that unites art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light.

The focus and the main theme of this year’s festival are The Sun. It is the star at the center of our solar system. Apparently, it is a giant hot ball of glowing gases heated to incandescence by nuclear fusion reactions in its core. With the heat of 15 million degrees Celsius, the Sun is radiating enormous amounts of energy, mainly visible light and infrared radiation, to create and support life on Earth. The connection and interactions between the Sun and Earth generate all life, weather, climate, drive the seasons, ocean currents, radiation belts, and aurorae. Although there are billions of stars like the Sun scattered across the Milky Way galaxy, our Sun is very special to us. Therefore, since ancient times, the Sun retains many symbolic properties, symbolizing life, the supreme power, cosmic energy, and the life force that enables all things to thrive and grow. The Sun is used as a symbol of power, energy, force, strength, birth, and rebirth. It represents a hero, a great cosmic eye in the sky, knowledge, divinity, brightness or overall splendor… and so much more.

Skopje Light Art District 2021 will praise the Sun as a glorious source of endless inspiration.
Welcome to the sunny edition of SKLAD!

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