DMWC Lifestyle

DMWC Life style lounge with Žanet Markusova

What does the concept of Lifestyle mean to you?

To me, lifestyle or in other words, which I personally prefer, the way of living represents to be true to myself. To stand for my values, opinions, and habits. To be proud of where I grew up and to be able to talk about everything that is important to me.

Being a mother is my lifestyle. Being a best friend and understanding partner/wife is my lifestyle. Being a wife of the Ambassador is my lifestyle. Being a loving and thankful daughter is my lifestyle. Being a good, devoted friend is my lifestyle. And last but not least, being a good, caring, and sharing person who never gives up on humanity is my lifestyle.

Do you aspire to involve your life passions into your daily routine?

Luckily, my occupation allows me to perfectly interconnect my ‘daily life’ with my passions.

As I have already mentioned, one of my passions and ways of living is not to be blind towards the needs of others. As the wife of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Skopje, I always try to get involved in helping those who need it the most. Thanks to the possibility of networking and cooperating with institutions, companies, and NGOs based in North Macedonia, we have organized a few humanitarian events. For example, on International Children’s day, we have joined forces with Alkaloid and supplied the Children’s Clinic in Skopje with gifts for hospitalized kids. Before the Christmas holidays, we have donated food to the parish in Gjorche Petrov Municipality. Currently, we’re working on the provision of special devices for disadvantaged kids at the Kocho Racin facility.

What do you consider to be a healthy and gratifying lifestyle and what is your advice in creating and sustaining it?

In my opinion, a healthy and gratifying lifestyle is when a person feels inner peace and balance.

Not the whole time, that is impossible, of course, but in the end, I believe upside-downs contribute to the good life. To develop and sustain life balance, I think it is necessary to be able to communicate and to listen to your closest people.

Where do you look for inspiration and motivation?

My family, friends, and then my faith. I am blessed to be surrounded by people that enrich my life. Their life stories, experiences, and dreams assure me that it is worth fighting for what I believe in even though it might seem impossible to some people.

I mentioned faith as well because sometimes when I feel like I don’t have enough energy to continue, I entrust these doubts to Him and believe He will show me the right way.

Living in North Macedonia is exciting and distinct….

I have fallen in love with North Macedonia. I call Skopje a home. In our free time, we try to travel as much as possible in order to get to know the country. And, honestly, every time we’re amazed by the beauties of North Macedonia, from mountains to lakes. However, not only nature attracts me, but people and their big hearts. In the 3 years that we’ve spent here so far, I’ve met people that I know will stay in my life even after our term in Skopje will end.

And to lighten a little interview, the difference between Slovakia and North Macedonia is the food. I cannot say which one is better because they really are different. But your pomfrit so sirenje is something I would like to see in Slovak restaurants’ menus as well!