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DMWC Lifestyle lounge interview with Zsuzsanna Gyurina

Zsuzsanna is a Hungarian flutist with the main interest in historically informed performance practice. She specializes in the field of baroque and classical music using copies of period instruments. She is also active as a music teacher transmitting the Hungarian musical heritage wherever the diplomatic life takes her.

What does the concept LIFESTYLE mean to you?

My Lifestyle since our marriage is defined by my Husband’s job, as he works as a diplomat, and our two kids, as all parents know. I have generally a flexible mindset and I am strongly influenced by my surroundings with a filter to see the positive things. As a Musician, I am lucky enough with my profession, since I am mobile with my work. I have always worked as a freelancer, which I really appreciate. The language of my profession is Universal and it fits well into the life of someone married to a diplomat. I love to discover new cultures, gastronomy, languages, “lifestyles”, that also enrich mine.

Where do you look for inspiration and motivation to achieve your lifestyle goals?

Usually, the commitments find me and not the other way round. As we started our common family life in Belgium, I had already been very active in the musical life, after I finished my postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. I also had many pupils from the Hungarian community and lead courses to introduce and preserve our musical heritage. As we arrived in Skopje, we were received by a small, but very active Hungarian community and their Association, Teledom. They also appreciated this kind of work.  We celebrate different events, such as St. Nicholas, Carnival, 15th of March, Easter, and other holidays together. Through them, I got to know many Macedonian cultural icons too.

With Pascal Gilevski and Milka Eftimova at the National Philharmonic Hall

As Catholics, we are also part of the small Catholic community as well. We try to support the work of the Makedonski Karitas and the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.

We have also been cooperating with Nadez, an NGO working with Roma children in Shuto Orizari. It became a tradition that the kids from Nadez sing the national anthems at our national day reception, which is really wonderful.

Since our arrival in 2016, I really enjoy the DMWC activities too, now, during the Covid restrictions, I can remember the charity bazaars, coffee-mornings, language courses, sadly enough not the yoga or Pilates courses… I am grateful, that our idea with the former Swedish ambassador’s wife, Ms. Biljana Staffansson met open doors: we organized together with a Diplomatic Charity Concert in 2018 and in 2019 followed by an online one in 2020, due to the pandemic.

Through the years I developed a fruitful artistic cooperation and friendship with Macedonian pianist Elena Atanasovska, flautist Straso Temkov, composer Bete Ilin and Panda Zografska, head of the Tomislav Zografski Foundation and I appreciate all the others’ work whom I met in the cultural scene.

With Mimi Gogusevska in Studio Vitrum

What do you consider to be healthy and gratifying lifestyle and what is your advice in creating and sustaining it?

I would be hesitant to give health advice to others, but I can recommend hiking and walking as much as possible in this beautiful country. Expressing my creativity in Music, spending as much time as possible with friends and family, seeing our children grow makes me feel gratified.

Living in North Macedonia is exciting and distinct. Please share your impressions of your favorite places you have visited in North Macedonia.

As an ambassador’s wife, I am privileged to be invited to beautiful places. The whole country is amazing. The mountains, the natural parks, the waterfalls, the monasteries, Ohrid lake, Krusevo, Bitola, Prilep, Dojran, Kokino, Kratovo, and last but not least Skopje and our little panoramic place on a small hill in Bardovci, which is now home to bees.