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DMWC Lifestyle lounge interview with Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska – Zani

Zani graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art Skopje, Macedonia in 1989. She participated in numerous exhibitions. in her native Macedonia and her work has reached over 25 countries worldwide and is in many private and public collections. She is always experimenting and her paintings are a unique blend achieved by combining acrylic and mixed media and a range of unusual materials. The work is often based on the relationship between public and private space, memories of the past, and visions of the future. Becoming a sought-after talent fast, in the world of contemporary art and exhibits her work during the year in several galleries in the world. Zani realized more than 40 solo exhibitions. She actively participated in many group exhibitions in Skopje, London, Paris, Lyon, New York, Aix en Provence, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Sofia, Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg, Trieste…

What does the concept of Lifestyle mean to you?
We are individuals created with a unique identity. Lifestyle is an expression of our work, behavior, satisfaction, social life, of what we constantly do, of the way we perceive ourselves and experience ourselves. It refers to our sense of happiness and peace, and the accumulated details of our daily lives.

Do you aspire to involve your life passions into your daily routine?
Lately, my lifestyle has been simplified and focused on things that are important in my daily life as a priority. I have learned and still learn that time is priceless and I still have so many ideas and plans which are impossible to realize without a good organization, and above all, time dedicated to my family, profession, friends, a lot of travel for sure, and time for good quality food and wine. I enjoy in beautiful smells and tastes. I want to live the happy moments in a most pleasant and relaxed mood. I want to live in peace and balance with the environment and with myself.

In conclusion – What do you consider to be a healthy and gratifying lifestyle and why?
In my everyday life and my work, I am constantly looking for complementary moments that I face with all visual essences, happiness, joy, laughter, the balance of movement, and is there anything better than that? If you sincerely like what you do, then you are positive towards everything in life, towards yourself, and to others. Art is a powerful tool for getting closer and socializing, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, and the answer to the question of what my lifestyle is – it’s a creative one.

Where do you look for inspiration and motivation?
Are you asking me for inspiration? I don’t have a precise answer, now and then a spark of a new beginning appears. I usually get inspiration from my experiences and travels. Every change or flight to a new destination is a motivating opportunity for a person to find himself/herself. I go beyond the frameworks of known reality and dive deep into an infinite space as an inspiration. I am inspired by provocative questions and the reaction of the viewers, as they help me in crystallizing my universal selfless. I am inspired by conversations as they break down and solve my dilemmas.
For me, art is a personal journey through life. Art is a part of my everyday life. I have a passion that leads me towards expanding the boundaries of my artistic expression. Very often the canvas with its limited dimension is not a sufficient way for me to express myself, so I continue to play with what is provocative and what allows me to realize my expression. From a piece of furniture to a table lamp, a dress on which I make my creation… I often turn wall surfaces into pictures…

Living in Macedonia is exciting and distinct?
For the last 20 years or so, I have lived on the London – Skopje route. And very often when people ask me where I belong, I answer: where my heart takes me. I get the best out of both cities, enjoying the moment to the fullest. My motto is – when you are in Rome, eat what the Romans eat. In London, I live my London way of life, with its commotion, with the mix of cultures, accelerated by 200 km per hour. Skopje is definitely No. 1;) that I can’t live without. With many friends there, the most delicious food in the world, places that I still discover, morning and evening gatherings, the sun, Ohrid, as the eternal inspiration where I can create and have inexhaustible inspiration.

Apart from having the status of a freelance artist, Zani is one of the founders of the DMWC association, which has been working in cultural diplomacy for 11 years. Exhibitions and projects are organized, in which she actively participates and contributes.

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