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Biking tour: Taor – the birth place of Justinian I

Our journey starts in Drachevo at the Gas Station Makpetrol (see map below). The first place we are about to visit is the lovely Taor village that got its name from the old Roman settlement of Tauresium. The settlement is placed just above the village on one small hill, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the local landscape. It is important to be highlighted that according to the legend, the Roman Emperor Justinian, the First, who is considered as the founder of the City of Skopje, was born here in 482. Nowadays, Tauresium, also known as Gradishte, is part of the rich national heritage. Remains of the ancient town of Tauresium: city walls, pillars, houses, can be seen at this archeological site.

Drachevo and Taor village are connected with an asphalt road that passes through villages Studenicani and Orechani . The next stop of this interesting, so call Justinianium tour is the village Katlanovo. At this part of the road, you can enjoy the unique off-road experience that will be followed by a small break in nature. Besides buying juices, coffees, beers, sandwiches at the local village store for the break, you will be able “to buy” local stories, experiences, and the ‘fresh news’ from the community, told by the friendly locals. After the break, we will hit the road over the Bridge of Pcinja River and head to the village of Badar, where we will visit the castle of Baderiana. This is also the birthplace of the uncle of Justinian, Justin I, also the great emperor of the Roman Empire. The interesting fact here is that many of the citizens of Skopje, unfortunately, don’t know that this archeological site even exists. So you will have the opportunity to be among the very few, who visited this place and got familiar with the story of the great ruler – Justinian the First.
The lunch will be served at the old settlement of Katlanovo, just after the sightseeing of the village of Badar. Here you will taste some delicious fish and pork meals, cooked in a very traditional Macedonian way.

After lunch, we shall head back to Drachevo where our tour ends.
This road is highly recommended in spring, summer and early autumn since the whole area is the natural habitat of many storks and the curios visitors can enjoy observing their flights, ways of feeding the little ones, their nests…
Don’t miss this opportunity.

Tour details: 50 km length, positive altitude: +/ – 380m
*Early bookings are needed for the restaurant:
*English and German guiding.