It seems that wherever you go intending to take a walk through the tamed nature – you can not avoid Mavrovo.
It feels as some fiery passion draws you to The Black field – as this area is called after some great battle in the past.

In 1953 wanting to create an artificial lake for the Hydropower Plant, the field was submerged. The old village church of St. Nicholas remained floating on the lake as if in defiance of human intervention.

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St. Nikola’s Church

Mavrovo is known for its unspoiled nature or the fancy folks who are regular visitors to the Mavrovo hotels. But above all, one of the most beautiful ski centers in North Macedonia located on the slopes of Bistra.

Equipped for alpine and Freeride skiing, Snowboard, and Cross country. A place where both beginners and top professionals enjoy.

While your eyes rest on the curves of the snow queen Bistra, in the warm atmosphere of the rest spots made out of rough planks and you can sunbathe drinking mountain tea or warm brandy with pickles, kashkaval (local sheep milk cheese), and exceptional feta cheese of local production.

The 6 snow tapping machines regularly prepare the trails about 15 km long and snow cannons. There’s a night skiing, ski school with top ski instructors, ski patrol, ambulance snowmobile.

I don’t believe you are still at home?

Here, you ski at an altitude of up to 1860 meters, the average snow cover in season is 70 cm, and the season lasts from November to April. It may even happen that you celebrate Christian Easter in the snow.

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Meze with authentic cheese – Kashkaval
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Mavrovo’s ski trails
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So if the Heaven forces wish for that to happen, then 30 kilometers should not be a problem for you to visit the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski. (BIGOR means Limestone), and take part in the Easter ceremonies when the whole universe celebrates the Victory of life over death.

It was built by the image of the monasteries of Mount Athos, like a fortress. Named after its patron saint – St. John the Baptist, and also after the fact that the building material used is – BIGOR (Limestone)!

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Water at entrance
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Good Friday.
Christ is taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb.
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It is unclear who is more famous, the monastery church with the miraculous iconostasis, or Petre Filipovski – Garkata – its author. Or the blessing hand of the miraculous icon of St. John the Baptist – an icon that helps those who pray to have a child.

It’s Good Friday. The whole universe is sad. Jesus Christ is taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb. Fragrant wreaths of flowers everywhere. The waving flame of candles, the scent of wax and frankincense mixes with the aromatic mist of dewy spring herbs.

Eyes are burning, the soul trembles as the moment of truth approach!

Christ is risen indeed he is risen!

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