On September 17, 2020, Supported by the Slovak Embassy

This project was of great benefit to the local administration itself because it helps them to establish their own waste disposal system, to increase awareness of their children, pupils, and citizens about the positive effect of regulated waste disposal, and to improve the overall environment that will increase the interest of the tour operators for this attractive tourist destination in the Republic of N. Macedonia

On the occasion of the initiative for the Ecological Municipality “FOR A CLEAN AND GREEN MUNICIPALITY OF PETROVEC”, in Katlanovska Banja was held the action for cleaning the garbage from Katlanovska Banja to the settlement Katlanovo and in the settlement Sredno Konjari. This event organized by the association „Добредојде” Welcome Macedonia Center, with the support of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and the Municipality of Petrovec, was attended by Mayor Borce Mitevski, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic Henrik Markus, Member of the Parlament Mrs. Marija Petrusevska, number of citizens, students, representatives of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the Scout Association “JADRAN”, the administration of the Municipality of Petrovec, the administration of the Primary School. ”Kocho Racin” – Petrovec and O.O.U. ,” Bratstvo-Edinstvo” – Sredno Konjari, representatives of the Council of the Municipality of Petrovec and many other people who simply wanted to help in clearing this part of the municipality. Garbage was cleaned around the park forest, along the road, and along the river Pchinja. in the direction of Katlanovo and Gradmanci. Large quantities of garbage collected by the few unscrupulous citizens were collected. With this action, we want to send a message to all residents of the Municipality of Petrovec and beyond, all together to contribute to the preservation of a healthy and clean environment. The Municipality of Petrovec has always supported and participated in such and similar actions in order to make the municipality a clean, beautiful, and pleasant place to live.