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DMWC project “Protect the Children from COVID 19!” 2020 Supported by Slovak Embassy

Supported by Slovak Embassy with a grant of 10.000 EU

The main objective of the Project is:

  • To support the Paediatric clinic in controlling exposure to occupational infection and implement environment infection control.

  • To contribute to the country’s measures to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

  • To contribute  to the country capacity to protect the health of the  children

Controlling exposures to occupational infections is a fundamental method of protecting the health of the children.  Pediatric care facilities are responsible for protecting their HCP, the children as their patients and their accompany persons from exposure to pathogens by providing appropriate personnel preventive equipment, and Implement Environmental Infection Control thus ensuring that environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly.  To prevent the general shortage of personnel preventive equipment as well as disinfection and laundry products, the project will make sure that approximately 1000 HCP, children, and their parents as accompany persons will benefit from the project.