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Krushevo is a small municipality with attractive touristic location presenting a hidden secret of North Macedonia which takes a bit more effort to get to but is more than worth it if you want to get a real tangible sense of local history.

Krusevo is also one of Macedonia’s prime winter sports destinations, but having a pine-forested getaway it is a comfortable destination in summer as well , when the Krusevo air stays cooler and purer than in the surrounding lowlands. Tourist sites are often overlooked and polluted due to the irregular and inappropriate removal of solid waste from households as well as from economic operators that take part in tourists’ offer (restaurants, shops, hotels)

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Initiatives focusing on enhancing environmental awareness among community members can have positive effect on the strengthening local touristic growth, provide better quality of life, and make touristic visitors to feel comfortable in clean and eco-friendly touristic premises and outdoor locations .

Eco – project work shop 

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Eco – project work shop with children 

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On 4th of October , 2019 were organization of a community cleaning campaign in selected city sites with the involvement of volunteers (employees in public institutions, children, students and teachers from local schools and kindergartens , Red cross_Krusevo, private sector representatives offering various tourist services – restaurants, hotels) and waste removal through community waste disposal services Community cleaning campaign.

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This project will contribute to strengthening the local capacities in maintaining a clean environment that in the future can attract a greater number of tourists who might be reluctant to visit the local tourist attractions due to the inconvenience of general hygiene in the city and the surrounding area.

This project was realized in cooperation with the local administration and the Mayor of Krusevo. The local administration will continue with these activities in the framework of their regular community waste disposal activities. Donated waste collecting equipment will also be used for the selection of waste on daily bases by all citizens and other economic operators in order to open up the possibility for the municipality to enter the larger ecological waste recycling project.

This project will be of great benefit to the local administration itself because it helps them to establish their own waste disposal system, to increase awareness of their citizens about the positive effect of regulated waste disposal and to improve the overall environment that will increase the interest of the tourist operators for this attractive tourist destination in the Republic of N. Macedonia.

Supported by the Slovak Embassy to North Macedonia , with a grant of 6.000 Euro

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