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The Macedonian Crystal Cave: Nature’s Wonder

The Macedonian crystal cave is one of the two caves of this kind in the world that contain the unique selenite crystal. The other one is in Mexico. The Crystal cave is a geological wonder of its own kind. Located on a half way between the city of Debar and the Spa Banja Kosovrasti , under the large white hill in the gypsum mine owned by the German
company Knauf.

It is closed for individual visits. However, a sightseeing visits for groups of tourists can be arranged and organized with a previously made appointment. The Romans were the first who discovered this place more than 2200 years ago. It ranges on a surface from 10 to 12 km 2 and it is the largest gypsum quarry on the Balkans.

The entrance is located a few meters above the level of the Debar Lake, and the temperature inside is around 17 o C. The gypsum in the cave is used only for medicinal purposes and can be found in three forms: alabaster, anhydrite and crystal selenite ( Virgin Mary’s glass).

The selenite in this cave is with 99,99% purity and, apart from this cave, as such can be found only in Mexico’s cave. This mineral is unique for its chemical compounds, thermal waters, conditions and the earth and hill pressure.

On the ground, there are puddles of thermal water with a thin crusty layer on the surface and white powder on the
bottom. The water is rich with calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and has healing properties particularly for skin diseases.

The transparency of the crystal, the breaking light, the cheerful dance of the rays and shadows turn into such beauty that will surely take your breath away and increase the joy of this unique experience.

Original source: Faktor.mk
Translated by Macedonia Welcome Center