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2019 DMWC International Charity Bazaar – Implementation

2019 DMWC International Charity Bazaar  implementation , Skopje 20th December, 2019 under the Honorary presidency of H.E. Miroslav Tolman, the Czech Ambassador in the Republic of the North Macedonia

The project of the 2019 DMWC International Charity Bazaar &Diplomatic Charity Concert were  implemented in close cooperation of the Daycare center for  children with cerebral palsy in Skopje.

The project raised funds of 781.727 MKD.

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Specifically, the funds were used based on the recommendation of the school principal and the school teachers as follows, the following items were acquired and imported:

  1. One multi-functional chair that has three adjustable positions (for siting, lying and one for vertical position) depending from the condition of the child with cerebral palsy.
  2. One therapeutic bed N5 and one low frequency massager E5 needed for therapy for our users.
  3. Equipment that we need for our users to have the opportunity to work on computer because most of them have speech difficulties and this will help them to express themselves.

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Also, air purifiers are needed for cleaning the air in the Daycare center.

  1. Special equipment that we need as a part of physiotherapy for our users.
  2. Equipment (Running track) that used in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy in provoking walking and to increase its dynamics.
  3. Didactic materials that we use to improve cognitive, visual and special capabilities in our users and also to improve their attention, concentration, big and fine motor movements etc.
  4. Expendable materials that we need and we use in our everyday work with our users.

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As attachment I’m sending You the invoices of the purchased equipment.

DMWC Chariti Bazaarn 2019 Expentire Money

DMWC Charity Bazaar 2019 Incoming Money

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