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DMWC 10th anniversary in the field of cultural diplomacy

Taking into consideration the importance of the role of cultural diplomacy for a country, in our association we have worked dedicatedly, voluntarily and enthusiastically on the promotion of the Macedonian multi-culture, history and tradition, while at the same time we have been developing the idea of presenting the foreign culture at home.
While strategically developing the concept of cultural diplomacy, the Dobrejdojde “Macedonia Welcome Centre” association acts as a corner of cultural interaction from the very beginning and acts affirmatively to initiate a positive relation of the representatives of the international community with the Macedonian country, multi-culture, history and tradition.

We simply wanted to show the hidden, unknown beauty of our country, wanted it to be seen through our eyes, to be sensed with our smell, taste…

These past years we have worked together with the representatives of the international community, the ambassadors in the Republic North Macedonia, in the field of cultural diplomacy: we have organized numerous meetings with the local population, with poets, artists, cultural workers, we have visited many municipalities, promoted art, mosaic, fashion, tasted Macedonian vine, Macedonian traditional food, hiked through the beautiful mountains, hills and paths.

Our charitable mission is just as important. Each year we work together with the embassies to support children coming from the vulnerable category of our society.