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DMWC Diplomatic one day trip to Krusevo

DMWC in a cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary (according the agenda and our mission to promote Republic of North Macedonia as a tourist destination) organized one day trip to Krusevo,  12 of April 2019, hosted by Mr. Tome Hristoski, the Mayor of Krusevo

We had opportunity to visit:

  • “The Memorial House of Toshe Proeski
  • The Memorial Plaque placed in honor of the Hungarians who lived in Krushevo during the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight in 1956
  • “The Foundry”
  • “Gallery of Old Icons and Frescoes” at the Church of “St. Jovan”
  • “Gallery of Nikola Martinoski”
  • Paragliding Club with Mr.Igor Todevski
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