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DMWC Fashion show “Made in Macedonia: Origins and Evolution,” 2018

“Dobredojde” Macedonia Welcome Center in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of France organized a fashion show DMWC “Made in Macedonia: Origins and Evolution.” on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 at 7 pm at the Museum of Macedonia.The event was opened by H.E. Mr. Christian Thimonier, the French Ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia.

DMWC’s mission of promoting Macedonian culture with the expat community is realized with the fashion show organized at the Museum of Macedonia. Renowned Macedonian designers who have pioneered and created the Macedonian design scene showcased their creations during the fashion show which, with its setting at the Museum of Macedonia elevated the experience to a level of a Macedonian cultural event. These pioneers of the Macedonian fashion scene are established names today who, with their authentic design signature, are permanently embedded in its foundations. Their timeless design over the course of their careers clearly shows a design thought that is equally fresh today.

The DMWC Fachion show  “Origins and Evolution,” was a fashion extravaganza featuring acclaimed Macedonian designers who opened their archives and presented a body of work showcasing the development of a distinct Macedonian fashion character in their creations.

Designers who took part were: Nikola Eftimov, Lidija Georgieva, Rosica Mrsic ,Josica Maneva – Cupovska, Rosica Mrsic, Silvija Mihajlovska, Ivana Knez, Tanja Kokev, Antonija Ristovska , Olgica Georgieva and Roze Trajcevska.

Many of the featured Macedonian designers have been schooled in France and with that, they bring a strong French design influence into their design. From the origins of the Macedonian cultural heritage fabulously displayed in the Macedonian traditional folk festive ensembles in the museum, to the most acclaimed Macedonian designers sending their creations down the runway, a unique cultural happening is taking place this evening, firmly demanding attention for both the promotion of the Museum of Macedonia as well as the work of the Macedonian designers who continue to shape the Macedonian garment making heritage.

The project was supported by grant of 100.000 MKD by the Ministry of Culture.

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