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by Jasmina Markovska

In this second part of our young artists’ stories, we focus on two women who create pieces that beautify our daily lives and our interiors. Being unique and different is what Elena Dinovska and Nina Simovska have in common. They created their own brands based on mixing great design and functionality, thus enabling each customer to have the feeling of originality and the satisfaction of getting something hand made.

Just Because by Nina Simovska

Just Because is a brand that encompasses many forms of expression, like jewellery, murals, product design, and wall decoration.

How the brand came into being

Just Because emerged as a spontaneous and beautiful story inspired by the desire to be different and to offer something different on the creative market in Macedonia. Ten years ago it wasn’t so often that artists lived on solely making art. I started making jewellery pieces out of zips and promoted them at various kinds of exhibitions and presentations. After the first exhibition, I opened a concept store in Skopje – its aim was to gather creativity and art in one space and although it was questioned a lot at the beginning, after some time, I realized that my persistence paid off. Apart from jewellery making, my first love was painting and murals drawing.


Greatest motivation

Everyday motivation is different for different people. There are days when it is confusing how creative a person can be and there are days when you think you should probably change your job! This is normal for the type of profession I have. My motivation comes from the desire to always be better, to try new techniques, to create my own recognizable signature designs and to leave a trace in the time I am living in.

The product

All of my products are a result of an experiment, which makes them original and unique because even I can’t make them twice.

What’s new

The hand painted bicycle bells, which I first promoted in May at an exhibition, are the newest products in my workshop. They are unique on the Balkans and therefore they also get their own brand named “Ride your story”. As far as painting is concerned, I am planning several murals and an exhibition this fall.

Where to find Just Because products

All products can be ordered directly in the studio (+38970555290) or through social media:






SvetlosnaVrska by Elena Dinovska

The light objects that Elena Dinovska designs are a real treat to each space, no matter whether it is a household, a creative atelier or even a work space. They enlighten every corner both, in a practical and a metaphorical way.

About the brand

SvetlosnaVrska was created at a meeting point of three fascinations of mine – the light as an important element in interior design, geometry as a timeless inspiration in my graphic solutions and the industrial design. After several years of experimentation with different multimedia methods of design, I chose to go back in evolution and use hand crafting of wood and metal as a way of contemporary expression. My brand portfolio includes designer lamps (hanging, floor and table lamps) made of media pan, wood, metal and concrete.

The inspiration

I find inspirational moments in architecture, brutalism, geometrical forms as ready art forms with my industrial design intervention.

What is unique

The products of SvetlosnaVrska are versatile, as the media pan lamp shades can be easily turned into chandeliers or floor lamps with small intervention so, they can be changed according to one’s needs and wishes. It is also interesting that each lamp looks completely different when looked from different angles; through the lamp’s openings the light projects different patterns on surrounding walls. This makes the lamps very interesting parts of the interior, combining functionality and décor.

What’s new

Lately, I have started researching and trying to use concrete to make the basis of the lamps and this resulted in a new mini “concrete” collection. The next step would be to integrate this material in other elements of each piece.

Where to buy your products

SvetlosnaVrska lamps are sold in Think furniture store and through the Facebook page of the brand.