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The third part of our journey to discover young and talented Macedonian artists brings us to Rosica Mrsik, the designer who is active on the fashion scene for more than 10 years and who has created a recognizable style that stands out in every occasion.

Rosica Mrsik

RosicaMrsik, although young has already been present on the Macedonian scene for several years and has made a name of herself as a designer who is recognizable by her clean cut shapes and geometrical forms – elements that make her designs stand out. She’s been working with success in other markets as well, and this is an opportunity to peek into her world of creation and creativity.

About the brand and who is it for:

The brand Rosica Mrsik was established as a result of my drive to create clothes that speak on their own, a different fashion language. The clothes that I make speak to every contemporary women with cosmopolitan spirit; women who love quality and who have sophisticated yet simple style. My fashion pieces are made to be versatile and to adapt to every occasion, while the style I work with can be seen in each collection – it is clear, precise, intriguing, very often geometrical, but still feminine.

Throughout the years of this brand’s existence, I am very pleased to say that I have made my opinion clear that clothes should live for more than one season, this is what makes the real value of design in clothing. I nurture the idea that less is more and that each woman should carefully choose her wardrobe – it is better to have a few real fashion pieces than too many trendy seasonal garments that do not have character nor are a true representation of one’s style.

Greatest motivation:

I am a real lover of beautiful things! I treat with hedonistic approach the good music, literature, architecture, product design, cooking and the daily dose of these things is my inspiration for creation.

What makes the product unique:

The approach and attitude that I have towards each created piece. The thorough devotion to each garment includes an idea, proportion, good balance of colors and texture, quality  and invention (to set new fashion standards, not follow fashion trends)…this is what makes my collections timeless, recognizable and unique.

What’s new:

There are always novelties and new creative challenges in my studio. The last two big events for the past season were my retrospective exhibition in Sofia’s show room Ivan Asen and the fashion presentation of my “Celia” spring/summer 2018 collection in Public Room in Skopje. The summer will be great for preparations of the new fall/winter collection.

Where to find RosicaMrsik clothing:

My collections are available in my studio, the boutique Via in Skopje, the concept show room Ivan Asen in Sofia and online on www.rosicа  from where all the pieces are shipped internationally.