Art & Literature


by Jasmina Markovska

In a culture rich with tradition and hand-made art, it is extremely important that these skills are treasured and kept as time goes by. Consumerism takes up our daily buying habits and very often we forget to appreciate carefully crafted products where artists have invested themselves and their imagination in creating a piece that breathes with uniqueness.

That is why in this series of texts we will present you several young and talented artists, who produce exceptional works and represent Macedonian art and culture in the best light possible. In part I, you will get to know modern artisans, who pay homage to the tradition and to the already forgotten crafts while keeping a contemporary design.

Lipa Ceramics by Aneta Popova

Ceramics is rarely handmade nowadays in Macedonia, although pottery as a craft has been quite popular throughout our history. It is so rare, that it is really difficult to find courses and workshops that practice this beautiful, yet demanding artisanship. Aneta Popova is an artist that makes modern and innovative pieces with an old technique. The result is simply stunning!

The story

LIPA ceramics was officially “set in motion” last year. It was the summer solstice, a perfect moment for public unveiling. Before that, I took a ceramics course in Greece and made my small studio in the forest of Canyon Matka. When I finally decided on the name (Lipa means linden in Macedonian), the logo, and what I wanted to do at the moment, I made LIPA’s appearance and existence open to public.

Greatest motivation

Lots of different things inspire me and therefore motivate me. I love the ceramics as a medium for expression. I feel like I found my world at last, it combines and binds my profession as an architect and my poetic side. I enjoy working with the clay and making the glazes, and I’m happy with the fact that it’s me and the natural laws only responsible for its/their creation. So, my day to day motivation is the great amount of possibilities that the ceramics can give.

The product

My ceramics are completely handmade and they have their own unique language. I try to play with the design, create new structures and provoke different or new-way usage. My production is small and this small batch functioning, makes my products one of a kind. But they’re very simple at the same time. The general work with the materials is very philosophical, I deal with a world that is invisible and I materialize it for the world’s eyes, hands, lips. Then, the world can feel it. In a way I deal with feelings.

What’s new

Currently I’m developing the design for my new mini collection of functional ceramics which should be done by the end of the summer. I hope to make a small show for presenting it to audiences as well. Beside that, I’m working on another concept for wall pieces. I’m curious to see what the materials will make me construct this time.

Where to find Lipa Ceramics 

My products can be ordered by directly contacting me on my Facebook page and my Instagram profile. LIPA’s website is currently in construction. Part of my products are included in Simple., a design store in the center of the city. At the moment, I’m making efforts to include my products in another concept stores as well. Just to note that, I’m open for custom made orders. Of course, with LIPA’s original touch.


EKLEKTIKA by Monika Lozanovska and Aleksandar Milev

Filigree is also a traditional technique that dates way back into the Macedonian tradition. Nowadays there are many young artists that revive the technique and modernize it through their designs. We chose a duo that makes very sophisticated designs using filigree as a technique and combining it with different kinds of stones for pieces that have style and impact.



EKLEKTIKA is a brand designed by Monika Lozanovska and Aleksandar Milev. The idea for the brand was born as a result of our friendship and attempt to connect our different characters and styles. EKLEKTIKA is a brand for all collectors, filigree, silver and copper lovers. The purpose of this brand is to unite the opposites – different ways of thinking, different styles, points of view, ideas and materials. As jewelry designers we are open to answer to our clients’ wishes,while keeping our authentic and recognizable style.


The inspiration

All the different places that we have travelled through, combined with the material and the unusual mix, come as inspiration for EKLEKITIKA jewelry. Each piece is individual and usually we start working in a form of a dialog between us and the material. In my process, I usually first select the stones and let them lay on the table for couple of days, letting them “show” me what they would like to be.


What makes them unique

EKLEKTIKA collections follow a minimalist style with powerful pieces made of various materials. The uniqueness is created by the lightness and simplicity with which the jewelry is worn. I am a perfectionist by nature and I am focused towards creating jewelry that feels like a part of the body.


What’s new

After the successful SENSES collection, this year we promoted our LUA collection with the pearl as a center piece, but this time in its natural form. Silver and the innovative usage of filigree are also present in the collection. The pearl which is used is imported as it and it is not available on our market at all. This adds another element of uniqueness to the designs.


Where to buy EKLEKTIKA products

The products can be bought in our atelier in the Old Bazaar in the magical Kapan An. You can also find all the novelties about our products on Facebook and Instagram.