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Project “Mosaic – A Cooperation of Tradition and Modern Living”

“Dobredojde”  Macedonia Welcome Centre, as part of its project series “New Cultural Wave in 2017” and in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture has realized the project “Mosaic – A Cooperation of Tradition and Modern Living”, with a grant of 300,000MKD from the Ministry of Culture: Kocani, Stip, Strumica

The aim of the project was to carry out three public exhibitions of mosaic making in cooperation with mosaic artists and the citizens of the respective municipalities.

In the municipalities of Kocani, Strumica and Stip the mosaic was realised in cooperation with gifted mosaic artists, students, citizens, and art lovers who warmly supported this project that left a permanent mark of arts and crafts in their home towns.

The citizens alongside with the local mosaic artists had the opportunity to participate in the mosaic making process which contributed in the rapprochement of the community and helped them realise that the public space belongs to them and that they can have a positive influence on it.

The project encouraged the citizens to take an active role in improving the public spaces themselves and refining the existent greyness around them instead of passively waiting for some measures to be taken.

The mosaics were made from recycled-content craggy tiles respecting the principles of Green Culture and with a goal to incorporate the culture in environmental protection.

The project has left a permanent mark on citizens` cooperation as a symbol of their concerted involvement, unity, beauty and aesthetics.

This has been an incentive for citizens as well as for local authorities to organise similar activities in the future.

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