DMWC Project “Mosaic Cooperation in Tradition and Modern Living”

The Music School “Боро Џони” in Strumica, in cooperation with the “Macedonian Welcome Center”, on November 10, 2017 presented the project “Mosaic – Cooperation in Tradition and Modern Lifting”.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture, within the framework of the “New Cultural Wave” project. The mosaic work – “The lines of sound” was placed on the part of the facade of the music school, and it was made by the artists professor of Macedonian language and literature Jasmina Boshevska and the fine artist Simona Mancheva.

The students, their parents, representatives from the education sector in the municipality of Strumica participated in the preparation.  Among the guests was the wife of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Zorica Zaeva and the directors of the schools in the municipality.

Emilia Miladinova Avramcevska president of the “Macedonian Welcome Center” and Clara Patarova, director of the music school, spoke about the importance of this project.

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