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Djelil Rufati

Djelil Rufati was born on 22 November, 1957, in the Gorna Reka village of Zjuzjenje, municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Prishtina Art Academy under the mentorship of Prof. Agim Chavderbasha. He worked as an art teacher at the Panche Poposki High School in Gostivar from 1982 till 2004 and since 1994 he has been the Professor of Sculpture at the Tetovo State University Art Faculty of which he is also a co-founder.

He has had several individual exhibitions in Macedonia, Kosovo, France, the USA and Switzerland and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. His sculptures have been installed in the streets of Tetovo, Negotino and Struga in Maceodnia and Mitrovica, Klina and Drenica in Kosovo. Read more …