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The Flight of The Butterfly

For many people they are beautiful, wonderful and colourful, but for some they are ugly, poisonous and frightening. In some cultures, butterflies are the symbol of the soul, mind and rebirth. They may be official state symbols as is the case in some American states.

Butterflies are everywhere around us, they are one of the oldest beings on Earth, and they belong to the order of insects called lepidoptera. Macedonia is a small Balkan country with a great biodiversity. 203 species of butterflies and over 1500 species of moths have been registered in Macedonia. On the world entomological map Macedonia is marked as a European Hot Spot, because of the fact that our country has endemic butterflies which are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) list of endangered species. There are unique species of butterflies originating from the Glacial Period which managed to survive hiding in rock crevices. Scientists call them “the hiding species”.  Read more …