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OU Tefejjuz – Skopje

Adress : Cairska br.2

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The primary school Tefeyyuz, in 1884 a building constructed by Hilmi Beg Derala that subsequently was obtained by the Ottoman Empire continued to function under the name of “the elementary school Tefeyyuz”, a journey once started proceeds in full swing. The book “ Üsküp Okullarının Tarihi” (“the history of Skopje schools”) assembled by Muharrem Parapoviç andMuharrem Musiç in 1932-33, it informs us that a certain person named Hilmi Beg Derala rose a building that subsequently was bought by the Ottoman Empire and that the elementary school Tefeyyuz was instituted. In a book compiled by Mr. Salih Asim “Üsküp tarihi ve Civarı” (“History of Skopje and its surroundings”) under the section of schools and madrassas as illustrated below is being referred to the elementary school “Tefeyyuz”. Read more …