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Fall is the Mushroom Season

Fall is a beautiful season, and we never miss the chance to go for a walk in the forests of Macedonia’s mountains: Mavrovo, Pelister, Solunska Glava, Ljuboten, to name just a few. These walks allow us to breathe pure air, to admire the wonderful colours that fall brings and, last but not least, to find delicious mushrooms.

Horns of Plenty, Chanterelles, Ceps and Wood Hedgehogs growing in Macedonia are among the top edible mushrooms one can find anywhere on earth. We haven’t been able to find any morels yet but we do not despair.

These top mushrooms have different habitats and fruiting seasons. The Cep is the first you will find from the beginning of September and the Horn of Plenty would be the last one you could find till end of November if the weather is not too cold and dry.

Mushrooms such as Chanterelles, Horns of Plenty and Wood hedgehogs are easy to spot as they grow in troops. Once you spotted one, a basketful can be picked from a small area. For the Ceps, the task is harder as they fruit individually. You will generally find those mushrooms in leaflitter or moss-rich woodlands. Read more …