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Domestic Cat in Macedonia

One of the most common pets in Macedonia is the cat (Felis silvestris catus). Traditionally Macedonians keep cats as pets either at home or in the yard. A big number of street cats is also fed and taken care of by cat lovers throughout the country.

There are homeless cats that used to be pets, but unfortunately they were abandoned or lost. Some of them are still very friendly and will come to you to ask for attention. Street cats can be found in cities and in suburban settlements across Macedonia. Street cats despite their independent behaviour still depend on us for their health, nutrition and safety.

Domestic cats usually choose their own corner in the home where they will sleep, but make sure it is a peaceful place and provide your pet with a bed and a pillow which will only be his/hers. For washing a cat use only a special shampoo for cats and make sure to dry the fur; after bathing the cat should stay some time in a warm room. Cats are often licking themselves to care for their fur and cat’s inborn need to be always clean is well known. Help your domestic cat to be clean by brushing it with a special comb, especially if your cat has long hair. When the cat takes care of its fur by licking, it actually swallows big amounts of hair and it may have problems expelling hairballs out of its stomach. There is a special kind of food for gentle ejection of hairballs out of the cat’s stomach and by using this food you can help your cat. Read more …