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Living Monasteries

Visiting a monastery in Macedonia can be a most exciting and versatile experience. Monasteries are usually located in extraordinary, often breathtaking, landscapes. The architecture of Macedonian monasteries is a human response to the challenges of landscape. Many monasteries are centuries old and have been cradles of traditions, learning and culture. Macedonian churches have some of the best pieces of the Byzantine fresco painting with internationally valued style and expression. Some of the churches possess incredibly detailed skilfully made deep relief wood carvings created by masters who established schools of carving appreciated throughout the Balkans. In contrast with monasteries in many other countries, which are overcrowded by tourists, monasteries in Macedonia are not exceedingly touristic and visitors are usually welcomed and shown around by monks and nuns living there. The hosts are hospitable and willing to speak about the importance and mission of their monastery or convent. They guide visitors around the monastery and its surroundings, show the cultural and religious relics, and offer some of the products brothers or sisters cultivate or make on the property. Read more …