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Flora and Fauna of the Pelister National Park

The flora of the National Park Pelister, with its abundance, diversity and colorfulness is one of the major values of the biological diversity on this mountain, and attracts the attention of the visitors and of those in love with one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in Republic of Macedonia.

The distinguished German phytogeographer August Grisebach was the first botanist to visit this mountain in 1839 and describe several new indigenous species. In his well-known study Spicilegium Florae Rumelicae el Bithynicae (1843-44) he for the first time presented floristic data on Mount Pelister and, more generally, on the territory of Macedonia. Among the indigenous species, of a particular significance is the Macedonian pine tree molika (Pinus pence Grisebach), which is key to the maintaining of biodiversity in the height range between 700 and 2200 metres, and which is the flora “trademark” of Pelister.  Read more …