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Creators of the cyrillic alphabet

May 24, the day of the Saints Cyril and Methodius, is celebrated in many countries in Eastern and Central Europe as well as in Russia and Mongolia. In the ninth century they invented and popularized the alphabet so many people use today. They devised it to suit specific features of the Slavic language at that time. Since then so many Slavic-speaking countries and a few other nations have built their literacy and cultures on the work of these brothers. Even the cultures that have later returned to the Latin letters are still paying tribute to them.

The holy brothers are venerated in the Orthodox Churches as saints with the title “equal-to-the-apostles”. In 1980, Pope John Paul II named them co-patrons of Europe (along with Saint Benedict). Saint Cyril’s remains are interred in a shrine-chapel within the Basilica di San Clemente in Rome, Italy. Every year, a high state delegation from Macedonia visits the Vatican and the Pope on May 24. Macedonian Archbishop Stefan leads the liturgy devoted to the holy brothers. According to old chronicles, the day of the holy brothers used to be celebrated ecclesiastically as early as the 11th century. Read more …