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The Peoples Monastery

The Monastery of Lesok is one of the most popular religious sites in the country. It is easily accessible, always full of people and hosts different social and cultural activities. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is just eight kilometres away from Tetovo and only 600 meters above sea level on the south eastern side of Sar Mountain. But the monastery has a long history of important religious and communal events, and the local population cares greatly for its sanctuary.

The oldest foundations belong to a church that is mentioned in the chrysobull of the Byzantine Emperor Basil II when he re-conquered Macedonia from Tzar Samuil in 1019 and created a new system of dioceses. The present monastery complex consists of three churches of which only two, the Church of St. Athanasius and the Church the Holy Mother of God, are currently active, surrounded by many auxiliary buildings. Read more …