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RADIKA the Emerald Princess and Its Fairytale Realm

The Reka region in the western part of Macedonia is one of the ecologically cleanest, culturally and even ethnologically richest regions of our country, with the most beautiful nature. It is formed by the valleys of the rivers Radika and Mala Reka (Small River). Its northern border is the southern slope of the Shara Mountain and the Deshat Mountain is its southern border. It includes the lakes Mavrovo and Debar, the towns of Debar and Kichevo, as well as a stretch of the border with Albania. The highest mountain Korab is on its western border while the gently sloping cattle breeding mountains Bistra and Stogovo form its eastern horizon. Due to its outstanding natural beauty the region became part of the Mavrovo National Park established in 1949. Read more ...