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Commemorating Liberation Struggle and Statehood

The period from August to October is marked by a number of dates important for the Macedonian struggle for liberation and statehood. From August 2nd, the Ilinden, marking both the day of the 1903 uprising against the Ottoman rule and the day of the proclamation of the first modern Macedonia nation state as part of Yugoslavia in 1944, through 8th September when in 1991 the country gained its full independence, to 11th October, when the antifascist war for the liberation of Macedonia started in Prilep and Kumanovo in 1941. Monuments commemorating these crucial dates in the country’s history have been erected throughout the country. They are all of a monumental scale and were created by some of the best Macedonian and Yugoslav artists, sculptors and architects. Some are in good condition and others in a state of disrepair due to the negligence of the local communities or authorities. But the two most significant monuments in Prilep and Krusevo are in a perfect shape, recently renovated and serving both the local communities and visitors. Read more…