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The King of the Mountains

There are many beautiful mountains in Macedonia. Maybe it is for their rich vegetation, beautiful nature, and accessibility that they are usually referred to by female names like Sara, Plackovica, Baba, Galicica, Bistra, or Belasica. Yet there is a mountain which can be regarded as the king, even god, of the mountains. It is Korab, the highest mountain in Macedonia, a real inaccessible savage with Alpine hostility that is not treaded by many. Its name comes from the name of the Slavic god of sea. Korab is also an archaic word meaning “vessel”. It might metaphorically call for a ride in the sky. Or it may refer to the Adriatic Sea, which, mountaineers say, can be seen from the summit when the horizon is clear. The Korab mountain range is an extension of the Sara mountain range. Traditionally it is divided in two separate mountains: the higher Korab to the north and the lower Desat to the south. The main crest has a north-south direction from the source of the Radika River to the southernmost peak Crvena Ploca. It has the length of over 45 km and does not drop below 2000 meters. The AlbanianMacedonian border follows the main ridge. At 2764 meters Korab peak is one of only two summits in Europe which are the highest point for more than one country. It is also the 12th highest peak in Europe. From the Albanian side the mountain is part of the national park. In Macedonia it is represented on the national coat of arms. Read more…