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Stone Dolls

Kratovo and its surroundings are a real depository of cultural and natural treasures. Not only the town with its medieval towers, bridges and active mines, but also the surrounding mountains with hermits’ caves, an ancient observatory and extraordinary stone dolls are full of historical artefacts. In sunny and dry weather an excursion to the stone dolls (kuklici in Macedonian) is a must. The incredible volcanic rocks with anthropomorphic shapes are just 13 km away from the town of Kratovo, in the village of Kuklica. Over 150 severalmetres-high rocks are a real masterpiece dominating the ordinary landscape as if intentionally set up as their background. Scientific studies have shown that this natural wonder was probably created by vertical volcanic erosion, the power of the wind, and other weather influences. The town of Kratovo lies on the extinguished volcano. Unusual rocks are more than 10 million years old. To be more precise, they were formed in the period between the Eocene and Pliocene from volcanic ash, melted and then formed by minerals and natural cements such as the iron ore and the silicon compounds. Scientists believe that this area was once under salty water because the scrapings of the rock taste of salt. Read more …