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Discover Hideaways in Macedonia

This article will not focus on the places such as Ohrid, Prespa, Bitola or Kratovo that are considered the main tourist destinations in the country. I exclude them not because they should not be visited, but because this story is about places where one goes to recharge, to contemplate or spend some time away from the noisy and busy everyday life. Here I hope to mention less popular places that will inspire even those who have been in Macedonia for a few years. There are many more of these “secret” places, but we cannot mention all of them and expect them to remain secret. So, how about you start with these and expand your itinerary as you discover the places that only few others had visited before you? Surely, more people have actually been there at different times, but when you are there it feels like no one else has found these heavens, as if they were created to be your private refuge. There is more to Macedonian hideaways than Ohrid, especially during the summer season when the tiny streets in the old town are flooded by tourists. Read more …