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DMWC Mosaic Fair “in the World of Mosaic”

Over 100 mosaic artists and enthusiasts participated in the Mosaic Fair titled in the World of Mosaic on 28 – 30 September, 2016, which featured an exhibit, presentations and lectures, practical workshops, and a round table.

The Fair activities took place in Skopje in the course of four days starting September 28th, 2016. This Mosaic fair aims to promote and foster mosaic as a creative industry. In this regard, mosaicists from this country and guests from abroad promoted this art form amongst artists, artisans, and the public.
Participants had a menu of activities to choose from, for beginners as well as more experienced mosaicists.
The Fair and the Mosaic Exhibit were opened by Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Centre President Emilija Miladinova-Avramceva and Zoya Naskova, coordinator of the project, with a special welcome from Mme. Isabelle Marchi-Barbaux, Director of the French Institute. Eleven mosaic artists took part in the Mosaic exhibit, showing works created in a variety of mosaic techniques. In the course of the four days of the Fair took place three presentations, four workshops and a round table on the topic of Potential of Mosaic as a Creative Industry…



  • Lile Korubin; The Artist Creating in Mosaic
  • Jérôme Clochard; Mosaic in France Today
  • Elena Chemerska; Chemerski – Painting in Stone
  • Workshops:
  • Contemporary mosaic in monochrome with Jérôme Clochard introduction to Principles of Mosaic with Stole Iliev
  • Ceramics Mosaic for Beginners with Jasmina Boshevska
  • Ceramics Mosaic for Children with Jasmina Boshevska


On the 1st of October a group of participants enjoyed a Mosaic Tour where they visited modern and antique mosaic examples: The mosaic mural Macedonia at Pelince; The Freedom memorial in Kochani; and the Archeological Site Stobi, ending with a relaxing wine tasting and dinner at the Bovin winery.

Selected photographs from the event are featured below.
The Mosaic Fair is supported with a grant of 150000 MKD from the Ministry of Culture. The French Institute sponsored the travel of Mr. Jerome Clochard.