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DMWC Arts and Crafts Fair “In the Rhythm of Traditional Arts and Crafts” 2016

The ДобредојдеMacedonia Welcome Centre (DMWC)organized the Arts and Crafts Fair titled In the Rhythm of Traditional Arts and Crafts on Saturday, 25th of June 2016. The event was opened by Mrs. Capie A. Polk, the spouse of N.E. Jess Baily, the Ambassador of the USA in the Republic of Macedonia.The goal of this arts and crafts fair was to promote the unique characteristics of Macedonian intangible heritage.
Over 30 artisans were showcasing their works in the area around the historic Church St. Spas on Skopje’s Kale. Through public presentations and demonstrations artisans demonstrated their skills and knowledge in nurturing the traditional arts and crafts such as filigree, woodcarving, weaving, pottery, and basket making. Visitors had the opportunity to try traditional techniques hands on and to learn from the masters. Tradition musical performances accompanied the event.


  • Association of Woodcarvers of Macedonia – Bitola, Woodcarving
  • Aleksei and Monika Sverchkovi, Basket Weaving
  • Kristina Maurovska, Weaving Textiles
  • Lucian Chiuia, Pottery
  • Marija Miloshevska, Filigree and Artificial Fly
  • Tanja and Mihail Stojanovski, guitar duet

We thank everybody who with their participation contributed to the implementation of this project.

This event was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia with a grant of 120.000,00

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