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Krushevo the Cinema City

Krushevo Cinema City is a festival that will present the rich and varied world of music and music documentaries. Taking place for the first time in July 2015, it will host the world of music in its full glory. On 25 November 2014 Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Centre held an event promoting the new festival that included a presentation by Nenad Georgievski, Artistic Director of the festival, and the screening of the award winning Silver Song documentary.

There is an old adage that says that life without music would be a mistake. Indeed, music, apart from entertaining people, has many other purposes and roles, which most of the time pass by unnoticed. As pure emotion, music is evasive when it has to be pinpointed and defined. By definition, it is a system of organized sounds, but it is more than that as in these modern times even an unorganized system of sounds can be called music. People have always been fascinated by the effects sounds and music have on them and other people, and have even tried to give it a scientific explanation. Any kind of music is bound by certain rules and is reliant on mathematics, science, technology and engineering. But science and engineering will never define or determine the power music has over people’s lives. Music is a powerful medium in which people’s emotions and thoughts are tightly knit. The most perfect example of this is folk music, which is the foundation of any kind of modern music – it is music by the people, about the people and for the people. Music therefore is a form of communication. Read more …