DMWC Projects

Building capacity for rural tourism development in macedonia

Funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia

Fifteen students from different parts of Macedonia successfully completed both the theoretical and practical components of the course, and received professional education certificates in December 2011.  While nine of the students already held Tourist Guide

Licences, six students were licensed as tour guides within the framework of the project. The project was realised by qualified DMWC members in collaboration with the Association of Tourist Guides of Macedonia.  As a result of this project, tourists can have access to new locations and authentic rural practices and products.


Trained guides would

  • be able meet the demands of domestic and foreign visitors;
  • work with local governments on developing local tourist potential and update municipal websites with relevant information;
  • act as a link between visitors and the local population thus helping promote local produce, handicrafts and other products, and
  • serve as role models for unemployed young people in rural areas.

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